About Our School

NRV Montessori is a private Montessori school in Floyd, VA, currently serving children ages 6 to 12 years old. 


Montessori is a philosophy and method of education that allows children to experience their own path of academic achievement through classrooms which foster independence, individualized learning, and emotional intelligence. Our curriculum also includes cooking, social emotional learning through music and other opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Our mission is to give children the means and opportunities with which to become well-rounded self-motivated learners. ​

Hours of operation:


Monday- 8:30-3:30

Tuesday- 8:30-12:30

Wednesday- 8:30-3:30

Thursday- 8:30-12:30

Friday- 8:30-3:30 

Year Round Calender

We run on a year round calendar broken down into 4 semesters.

(See Calendar page for details.)


Year round schools:

  • Maximizes information retention by making breaks shorter.

  • Minimizes fatigue of students and teachers by making breaks more frequent.

  • For those who work; short term childcare can be easier to find than long term.

  • Allows for travel in winter as well as summer.

  •  Allows for more hands on learning during warm months for gardening and other outdoor learning.


  • Morning work cycle- 5 days/week is $425

  • Monday and Wednesday afternoons are $50/month

  • Friday is a guest teacher and so the cost will vary based on what that teacher charges.  


Elementary teacher:

Corey Avellar


Corey has been teaching in a variety of setting for over 30 years. 


Director and elementary teacher:

Izzy Thomas


Izzy has taught in a Montessori classroom for four years. She has nearly completed her Montessori certification. She also has experience working with children for 7 years in a variety of settings, including teaching at Milestones Childcare, developing summer camps, and nannying.

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