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School Calendar: 2023-24


2022-2023- Date List


August 10th- First day of 1st quarter

September 5th- Labor Day: no school

September 23th- Peace Day Celebration: school open; parents invited

October 10th- 14th- Fall Break: no school

October 17th- 2nd Quarter begins

October 28th- Dia De Los Muertos: school open; parents invited

November 23th-25th- Thanksgiving break: no school

December 16th- Festival of Light (end of fall semester): school open

                                                                                           parents invited

December 19-January 17: Winter break: no school

January 18th- First-day 3rd quarter (beginning of spring semester)

April 10th-14th- Spring Break: no school

April 21nd- Earth Day: school open; parents invited

May 29th- Memorial Day: no school

June 16th- New beginning journey and End of year celebration: 

                                                                school open; parents invited

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