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Why choose a Montessori Curriculum for your child?

The Montessori method of education develops children into confident and self-disciplined adults. Each child’s individually specialized curriculum is based on where they are academically and emotionally, and continues to challenge them throughout their development. A natural emphasis on critical thinking and self-motivation. All the subjects are interconnected in a way that builds interest across the curriculum.


Tim Seldin and Paul Epstien, Ph D, described the Montessori Method  concisely in their book The Montessori Way,  “In Montessori schools throughout the world, children develop the habits and skills of life-long learning. Guided by teachers trained to observe and identify children’s unique learning capabilities, children learn in educational partnership with their teachers. Because children’s  interests are heard and honored, Montessori students develop confidence and become self-directed. A powerful learning formula emerges as a result of this self-directed, self-initiated orientation to learning. When interested, a child becomes self-motivated. Self-motivation leads to becoming self-disciplined. When self-disciplined, a child  engages in a process of mastery learning and fully develops his or her potential.”

Our students planting trees on Earth day.

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